Would you like to learn to play the most beautiful wind instrument, the clarinet or saxophone? Or have you taken clarinet or saxophone lessons for several years, but do you want to further refine and develop your playing?
As a clarinetist and music director I work with various ensembles and I play various styles (Classical, Balkan, Klezmer and Turkish clarinet music). I play the Bb and Turkish Sol clarinet (G clarinet) and Alto saxophone.
Clarinet lesson for young people / advanced students and preparation for entrance exam at the Conservatory.
I give also Online Clarinet lessons

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NEW: Clarinet and Saxophone lessons at Amsterdam IJburg
Saxophone Lesson – Bb Clarinet Lesson and Sol (G) Clarinet Lesson:
You are most welcome in my teaching practice in Amsterdam and on Amsterdam Ijburg

“I have a lot of passion for my profession. Enthusiastic students of mine will play in orchestras and ensembles’

“I also give clarinet lessons for very advanced players and supervise preparation for the entrance exam for the Conservatory”