Clarinet and Piano Works by Beethoven, Schumann, Piazzola, Baker, Tada, Usmanbaş and Poulenc

Turkish Recital

Works for Clarinet and Piano by Turkish Composers

B. Güneş, N. K. Akses, A. A. Saygun, M. Doğuduyal, E. Eryılmaz, F. Say, U. Aşuroğlu, E. Demirel, Ö. Özkoç

Klarinette, famos: Emirhan Tuga!

Dr. Kevin Clarke, Klassiek magazine


“Emirhan Tuğa is a master clarinetist with a superbly controlled breath  technique”

Şefik Kahramankaptan, Andante magazine


“An organ has registers, but Emirhan’s  clarinet can make as many variations in colour.  He is a magician as far as sound is concerned”

Jan Raas, Organist& Composer


“This is a very carefully sound production of an excellent performance by clarinetist Emirhan Tuga and pianist Edzo Bos”

Rakendra Smit, Muziekwereld magazine


“Went to the concert tonight–It was great. Your nephew’s husband is a fabulous clarinetist, expressive, acrobatic. And the music was definitely unusual, but very accessible, melodic and agile. Excellently played”

Charlease, from audience