Jan Raas works: Clarinet and Organ - Clarinet Solo Piece 'By the Way'

Meliha Doğuduyal works: Soprano, Clarinet and Piano 'In Darkness'; Clarinet and Piano 'Longing / Hasret'

Ofer Ben-Amots works: Solo Clarinet piece 'Nigun of the Seven Circles'; Clarinet Concerto 'The Klezmer Concerto'

Evrim Demirel work: Clarinet and Piano 'Molto Reflexivo No:2'

Yuka Tada works: Clarinet and Piano 'Mijajima suite'

Tombaz ensemble

Astra Trio: Clarinet, Violin and Piano

Önder Özkoç 'Rondo' for Clarinet and Piano

Duo Tuga & Bos

Antonis Pratsinakis - cello, Ere Lievonen - piano - Hommage a Bach / J. S. Bach works for Clarinet