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Moonlight (Ayışığı)

Clarinet and Piano Works by Beethoven, Schumann, Piazzola, Baker, Tada, Tuğa, Usmanbaş and Poulenc



The Cross Continental Enjoyment in Performing Jointly


The chamber music groups initiated by musicians of different nationalities during their years of study can occasionally be long lasting in spite of the long distances   that set them apart. A good example of this is the duo formed by clarinetist Emirhan Tuğa and pianist Yuko Tada. . . The duo who met in Amsterdam at the Conservatory and started playing together have since been enhancing their repertory. Continuing their individual studies on music and their teaching work separately in Holland in Japan, they come together for concert tours yearly.


We intended to crown this harmonious work with a recording and share with you this enjoyment which the two musicians share in performing across continents. The year 2010, celebrated as the year of Japan in Turkey was appropriate for such an undertaking. We stroke a balance among the Turkish and Japanese compositions   by incorporating one composition of each musician in the CD, in addition to the piece for clarinet and piano written by İlhan Usmanbaş. Furthermore, unique compositions as well as arrangements from various periods and of miscellaneous types were included. We believe that we came up with a production that is easy to listen to and is also a worthwhile contribution to the Turkish musical actives.

(Text: Şefik Kahramankaptan)



A.K müzik/Moonlight

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