Emirhan is an artistic directeur of the Antre Music Foundation.

Antre Foundation wants talented young musicians form with an appreciation for cultural diversity and a broader view of music and the world.

In May 2012, Emirhan Tuga and Meral Ari establisched the Antre Foundation. With this foundation they provided their music activities a solid foundation and structure for the future. Emirhan and Meral are active with music projects, concerts and music education activities, both as performing musicians and as initiators.

The foundation wants to achieve its goals by organizing performances for talented music students and educational activities.

The activities of the foundation have Antre 3 spearheads:

•  Podium Presentations
Organizing courses and workshops for young people and teachers in the Netherlands and abroad.
Organizing concerts and festivals in the Netherlands and in other countries.

•  Collaboration with professionals
The participation of young people to performances by professional musicians for their improve level and to encourage them.

•  International cooperation
We want to offer young people the experience of learning and making music in places of origin of the Turkish/Balkan music culture.

The foundation aims Antre international (professional) to develop links and to establish long-term cooperation between our Dutch students and music-making youngsters across the border.

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