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Music education has changed. There are many apps, games and software programs for learning and developing your music education. We could easily say ‘Well, let’s learn to play an instrument with fun!’. However, children and beginners still have difficulty playing and learning musical notes and terms, why?
Our new generation gets easily used to learning very quickly because of digital media and eBooks. We watch videos not only for fun or to listen to music but also to learn. If you want to start to play an instrument you could easily look on YouTube or the internet.
Interactive sheet music video is a new trend and technology in learning music. Listening and playing along with interactive notation can improve your musical ability.


Easy Clarinet/ Saxophone Hits

This first series includes easy pieces for starting to learn to play the clarinet/Saxophone. You can learn the names of the music notes. To see one example, you can listen and play along with the sheet music video. When you click on the YouTube icon you see the interactive sheet music video on our youtube channel.
This is a great way for beginners to develop better rhythm and timing. I believe that the Easy Hits eBook series will help you to learn the different lengths of notes, note names, and music note symbols.
The Easy Hits eBook series was created and designed carefully for beginners. There’re 25 easy pieces and sheet music videos, prepared and developed with professionals, and proudly selected from composers and world music selections.
Please feel free to provide feedback for my ebooks.
Enjoy playing and good luck in your musical career!
Viva viva la musica!

Emirhan Tuğa

Clarinettist and Producer



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