Emirhan Tuğa combines Western Classical and Balkan Music cultures in his musical interpretations to create his own musical identity in performances on podiums internationally. Tuğa gives solo concerts and performs with various European chamber music ensembles and orchestras in the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Japan and the USA.

He has worked with contemporary composers such as Jan Raas, Meliha Doğuduyal, Marion von Tilzer, Yuka Tada, Ofer-Ben Amots, Önder Özkoç and Evrim Demirel in concerts and CD projects.

Together with pianist and composer Yuka Tada, he released his first album in 2012 consisting of works from composers such as Schumann, Beethoven, Poulenc, Piazzola, Baker and Usmanbaş. During his tour to introduce the album, Tuğa visited the Ankara Music Festival, Eskişehir and İstanbul in Turkey, Hiroshima, Kyoto and Nagano in Japan and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. He gave solo concerts in the USA in May 2015 at the invitation of the Colorado Springs Orchestra. He performed works from W. Lutoslawski and A. Piazzola written for clarinet and orchestra.

Tuğa has given seminars on clarinet and music training in the Netherlands, Finland, Turkey and the USA as an ensemble coach and lectured a clarinet master class.

He adapted Turkish Canto and Tango music under the title of ‘Tombaz Ensembe’ (Variete Orientel). With the band ‘Tombaz’ he also undertakes music projects and concerts.

In his concerts, Tuğa favours works created by composers inspired by their own folkloric themes. He arranges instrumental adaptations of traditional Anatolian and Balkan music for clarinet, piano and chamber music groups.

He founded the ‘Antre Music Foundation’ in Amsterdam in 2010 to introduce younger generations to Balkan music. He is active as the artistic director of the foundation responsible for training, research and performance activities. Antre provides workshop activities and ensemble courses in the Netherlands for those interested in Balkan music and wishing to receive training. Antre organizes European Union supported research programmes, gives concerts with young and professional musicians participating in International Music Exchange Projects, and records CDs.

Encouraged by composer İstemihan Taviloğlu, who discovered Tuğa’s interest in music at a young age, Tuğa enrolled at the Ankara State Conservatory and graduated from the clarinet class of Ekrem Öztan. He won the Istanbul Philharmonic Association’s foreign scholarship to attend the Amsterdam Conservatory where he earned his master’s degree under the supervision of Emiel Kleymeer and Piet Honingh.

Emirhan Tuğa lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, performs both solo and with chamber music ensembles. He is an ensemble coach at the Amsterdam School of Music and the Amsterdam Conservatory.

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